Continuous controls in the in-house laboratory for maximum safety

As a further component of our comprehensive quality management, we have established consistent incoming and outgoing quality control as well as process-accompanying continuous quality control in our in-house laboratory.

Thanks to our modern equipment, we have a wide range of testing methods at our disposal. The focus is on the characterisation of plastics and quality assurance with determination of physical, thermal, mechanical, rheological and electrical properties. Furthermore, we work together with both external and testing laboratories of our parent company Lehmann&Voss&Co.​​​​​​​ and can thus cover an even broader range of tests. 

A detailed documentation of all test results offers you absolute security in terms of material quality. As a binding standard of comparison, we keep back samples, colour sample plates and analysis results for you and thus guarantee that the quality of your plastic remains reproducible at all times and that exact colour accuracy can be guaranteed.