Our values — what counts for us

  • As a family business we think, act and plan for the long term. Every individual within the company has the responsibility to ensure that their daily activities reflect this aim. That makes us predictable.
  • Our team works in an environment of mutual trust. This philosophy is extended to both our customers and suppliers. We stand by our word. That makes us reliable.
  • Our company welcomes change and pursues a path of continuous improvement, ensuring we remain successful. We remain true to our core values of mutual respect combined with legal compliance and a sound and socially orientated entrepreneurial spirit. That makes us credible.

Our guidelines — who we are and what we want

1. Our company  

As a chemicals company, we aim to grow whilst ensuring we do not take excessive risks or neglect our social, legal and ecological responsibilities. That makes our activities sustainable.

2. Our strategy

We focus on three business strands: distribution, trading and our own production. We offer high-quality products and services whilst always looking for improvements. We search for the new by continuing to develop the tried and tested while also prudently venturing into unfamiliar terrain. We are systematically expanding our international reach. That makes us competitive.

3. Our clients

We work hand in hand with our clients and suppliers. Together with them we seek improvements and deliver bespoke solutions creating an environment of trust and mutual respect. That makes us successful

4. Our employees  

Our dedicated employees participate in the company`s economic success. We provide a secure workplace and excellent working conditions for all. We encourage ownership, responsibility and direct discussions, treating any problems as opportunities to improve. That makes us socially responsible and appealing.

5. Our managers 

Our managers take responsibility for their business areas developing their own initiatives and ideas, which allows for sound decision-making. An environment of full equality exists within the business with our managers mentoring and coaching their respective teams. That makes managing in our company an ambitious and varied task.

To achieve the objectives behind our guidelines, we must all contribute in our respective fields. At the end of a working week, we should be able to feel proud of what we have achieved.

That makes us a special company.